Fresh made-to-order Mexican food with an Asian twist
kogo tako
kogo tako
kogo tako
1601 South Frontage Road
Meridian, Mississippi 39301
(in old A&W Building)
Store Hours:
Monday-Sunday 11AM-8PM


Looking for a unique Meridian restaurant where you can try something new? All of our dishes at Kogo Tako are made to order, which means you can customize your meal to your heart’s desire. Our ordering process involves selecting each individual element of your meal in an assembly line style, so your dish is personalized according to your taste from start to finish.

First, you select your protein. Choose from our Korean BBQ steak ($9.95), original beef ($8.75), grilled chicken ($8.50), tofu ($8.50), or vegetarian ($7.95) options. You can also request a double portion of your protein.

Second, you select your wrap or bowl. Choose from a burrito made from a flour tortilla, soft tacos with either flour or corn tortillas, crispy tacos with either flour or corn tacos, a bowl of white or brown rice, or a salad bowl.

Third, you select your toppings. Our topping options include rice, beans, corn, salsa, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. This is the stage of the process where you can really personalize your dish to your own unique taste, so don’t hesitate to try something out of the ordinary.

Finally, you select your sides. Choose from chips and guacamole ($4.95), guacamole ($3.95), chips and salsa ($1.95), chips and chili queso ($3.95), kimchi fries ($2.95), sea salt fries ($1.95), tornado chips ($3.95), and sweet potato waffle fries ($2.95).

We also have a few options outside the assembly line style menu. Customers love our new cheesy changa for $9.50. Our kid’s menu includes one soft or hard taco with beef or chicken, a 12oz drink, milk, or juice, and a side of sea salt fries for $4.95. If you or your kids are in the mood for a snack rather than a full meal, you also have the option of buying a single taco a la carte for $2.95 (add $0.50 for Korean steak).

Our drinks include Pepsi products and freshly brewed sweet and unsweet tea in sizes small ($1.95), medium ($2.25), and large ($2.50); bottled smart water ($2.95), organic milk ($1.95), energy boost mango green tea ($2.95), and apple or orange juice ($2.50); and frozen strawberry banana or pina colada ($4.25).